The Royal Empress Tree

The royal empress tree has been in the United States since the 1800s but most people know very little about it. Now it’s starting to catch on as a landscape tree and starting to pop up in neighborhood yards because of its amazing ability to grow fast. In fact, it grows very fast, at the rate of 10 to 15 feet each year. A full grown mature tree can be as tall as one hundred feet. Not only that, it is practically impossible to kill. The tree will grow anew should any disaster require that it be cut back to its roots.

The tree will grow in just about any kind of soil and is incredibly resistant to pests and diseases. It can be found from Canada to Mexico, and is rated for zones 5-11. The royal empress tree does not like to grow in areas that have frost. Every spring the tree bursts forth with huge purple flowers with a nice fragrance. The royal empress tree has large leaves which make it great for shade and several of them could shade a house enough to cut fuel bills. The leaves drop off each year and add nitrogen to the soil.

The royal empress tree, as the name might suggest, is native to China and Japan. In these countries, the tree is planted when a daughter is born. It then grows until the child grows up and gets married, when it is cut and made into a wedding chest. Empress wood is revered in many countries, and in the United States only cherry is valued higher. The trees can produce 2-4 times as much lumber as other trees. After a royal empress tree is harvested it will grow back from the stump, and each tree can do this as many as ten times. The roots of the tree can go as much as 40 feet into the ground.

While some people report that the royal empress tree is invasive, with its spreading suckers taking over a yard, others counter that as a hybrid it is not invasive at all. In fact, the large leaves of plant allow it to take in carbon dioxide at high levels and put it back in the air as oxygen. The root system is so deep that it absorbs toxins and animal waste, thus cleaning the soil.

The royal empress tree has many benefits and is becoming a highly sought after tree. As such, if you wish to plant your own, get to the gardening store as early as possible to obtain one for planting. Soon you will be marveling at how fast the tree has grown.